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Formerly Church Law & Tax Report

Church Law & Tax Premium provides practical information to church leaders on important legal and tax developments that have a direct impact on ministry. It explains, in plain language, the complex legal and tax issues facing ministers, church leaders, and congregations. Each issue provides detailed analysis and guidance for church leaders, plus a 1-minute summary of all key legal and tax developments.

Subscribers are pastors, board members, attorneys, CPAs, church business administrators, and other church leaders who belong to a mid-size, denominational church.  They turn to Church Law & Tax Premium to get the help they need to keep up with the ever-changing tax laws, so they can make sound decisions. Their responsibilities include complying with IRS requirements, reducing the potential of church and clergy liability, staying informed on new tax developments, understanding the implications of federal legislation that impacts church and clergy, educating board members on vital legal and tax issues, staying current on social security tax reporting, reporting clergy income and expenses, and tracking developments on employment law issues that affect churches.

 ************** Fast Facts *****************  
 Holds a Church staff position...........97%
 Church Business Administrators..........42%  
 Graduated college.......................67%
 Post-graduate work or degree............38%

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