791,913Active US Subs/Book Buyer $110.00/M
50,123Nov'18 Subs/Book Buyers $ 17.00/M
137,5013 Mos Subs/Book Buyers+$ 12.00/M
242,2636 Mos Subs/Book Buyers+$ 6.00/M
15,9063 Mos COAs+$ 16.00/M
215,2786 Mos Expires $ 50.00/M
445,36712 Mos Expires $ 50.00/M
Presence of Child Select
(All Orders)+$ 11.00/M
Fundraising Rate $ 75.00/M
Non-Affinity Catalog Rate $ 80.00/M
Insurance Rate $ 75.00/M

Through their leadership in direct response marketing, Hearst continues to be the authoritative source for trusted content in health, fitness, and wellness.  They publish many well-known magazine titles including  Prevention Magazine, Women's Health, Men's Health, Bicycling, and Runner's World. In addition to their widely read titles, Hearst publishes highly acclaimed books and DVD's on health, fitness, cooking, gardening, the environment, and more.  Recent bestsellers include 24 Hour Pharmacist, Joey Green Cleaning Magic, and the Ultimate Shortcut Cookie Book.

The Hearst database has been enhanced with Equifax, Ethnic Technologies, Experian, Infobase, and Morbank data to offer the strongest information available on the market today. Also included in these enhancements is data from the Hearst direct mail survey responders which add another dimension to this overlay.  By combining Hearst's RFM data with these enhancements, Hearst gives mailers the opportunity to target their true prospects who already reside within this powerful database.

With the use of the data available, Hearst, has identified customers that are family oriented and have children or grandchildren. They can be reached by selecting our Families Masterfile or through more detailed selections.

 *************** Fast Facts*****************
 Average Age..............................53
 Average Income......................$65,700

Additional Counts:  
Child's Age Range (3 month counts):
   4,515  Age 0-2                      
   6,780  Age 3-5                        
  17,766  Age 6-10                      
  21,348  Age 11-15                      
  22,414  Age 16-17                  
   4,528  Age 0-2  
   6,727  Age 3-5  
  16,959  Age 6-10  
  23,882  Age 11-15
  25,048  Age 16-17
  32,429  Age 0-2    
  34,360  Age 3-5    
  60,581  Age 6-10  
  45,248  Age 11-15  
  29,744  Age 16-17  
  32,796  Age 0-2    
  36,613  Age 3-5    
  72,248  Age 6-10  
  65,419  Age 11-15  
  57,263  Age 16-17  
  16,994  3 Month MOB Teen Fashion
  84,732  3 Month MOB Children's Merchandise
  46,468  3 Month Children's Apparel Buyers
 135,234  3 Month Children's Product buyers
  71,835  3 Month Toy Buyers
  60,769  3 Month Grandchildren

Families Master - includes parenting book buyers; child, parenting, grandparents lifestyle interest, children's video buyers; children's products, child indicator lifestyle data.

**Selectable by individual title - see separate data cards**
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