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DRIP Investor, published by Horizon Publising, is a monthly newsletter which focuses on Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs). DRIPs are programs that allow current shareholders of a company to reinvest their dividends to purchase additional stock directly from the company, bypassing broker commissions.  DRIPs give small investors the ability to buy attractive blue-chip stocks when they otherwise might not be able to afford them.

DRIP Investor also covers no-load stock plans, which allow investors to go directly to a company to purchase their stock.

DRIP Investor provides individual investors with objective, unbiased investment advice from a trusted authority, direct access to their editor via the DRIP Investor message board, wealth-building strategies, tax and record-keeping strategies, ratings on both DRIP stocks and DRIP plans, and offers a complete listing of all U.S. direct purchase plans with contact information.

DRIP Investor is designed for both new and seasoned individual investors whose have long term goals such as saving for retirement, their children's education, or buying a new home.
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