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Worst Pills, Best Pills News, published monthly by Public Citizen's Health Research Group, provides the latest information about prescription and over-the-counter medications, and supplements.  Their unbiased expert recommendations are based on their own rigorous scientific analyses.  This newsletter informs readers as to how they can protect themselves from drugs on the market without proper warning labels, discusses which drugs consumers should avoid, and warns consumers about potentially dangerous drug interactions.

These subscribers know they can't always rely on doctors or pharmacist to be up-to-date on the risks and benefits of every drug so they proactively take charge of their medical care and health.  They are also well informed consumers concerned for the well being and safety of elderly parents and relatives who take medication regularly.
Arthritis Advisor
Arthritis Today
Bottom Line, Inc.
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Dr. Leonard's Health Products
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Focus On Healthy Aging/Mt. Sinai
Harvard Health Letter
Harvard Heart Letter
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