17,33012 Month Book Buyers $125.00/M
15,815Dec'18-Feb'19 Book Buyers+$ 10.00/M
17,105Sep'18-Feb'19 Book Buyers+$ 5.00/M
Non-Competitive Catalog $ 80.00/M
Fundraiser/Non-Profit $ 75.00/M
University of CA Berkeley White Paper & Wellness Report Buyers - Managed by Remedy Health Media (Formerly Remedy Health Media-Health Report & Book Buyers from Univ. Health Publishing).

The UC Berkeley White Paper & Wellness Report Buyers file consists of buyers of special reports and white papers on important medical topics. The University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health is committed to help improve the health and wellness of their community of readers by publishing expert advice on prevention, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of ailments and disorders. They provide trusted, authoritative health guidance from their network of leading physicians and researchers at top medical centers and hospitals.

These buyers are highly educated, health-minded consumers who are looking for wellness news & information, including fitness, self care and nutrition, so they can make decisions that improve their well being, both in mind and in body.

*****************Fast Facts*******************
Average Age.................................74
Average Income.........................$98,960
Harvard Men's Health Watch
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