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Dow Theory Forecasts is the flagship publication of Horizon Publishing Company.  Published weekly since 1946, it is one of the oldest financial newsletters and is highly regarded within the investment community. Dow Theory Forecasts is written with the busy reader in mind. Weekly stock recommendations and analysis are geared towards the individual investor looking for actionable stock market advice in a "just-the-facts" approach. Twice weekly hotlines with market news, stock upgrades and downgrades keep subscribers informed between issues.

Dow Theory Forecasts takes a long-term approach to investing, with their stock ideas on a one-year time horizon or longer. They prefer to focus on high-quality stocks - industry leaders with strong finances, attractive growth records, and market niches that should keep them at the top of their sectors. Recommendations also focus on income-oriented stocks and investments that are especially vital to investors who need to generate healthy dividends from their stock investments. Also included are more aggressive recommendations for investors who are seeking growth.

Dow Theory Forecasts subscribers are serious stock and mutual fund investors.  These individual investors prefer to control their own investments and turn to Dow Theory Forecasts for investment advice that is unbiased and objective.
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