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University of CA Berkeley Wellness Letter - Managed by Remedy Health Media

The UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, delivers practical, evidence-based coverage of the news about preventive medicine, self-care, nutrition, fitness, and mental well-being in clear, engaging, easy-to-use language.  They review the latest research to clarify the often conflicting and superficial media reports and give subscribers the edge in their quest to live the best life they can.
These health conscious subscribers rely on the UC Berkley Wellness letter for positive health and medical tips to help make decisions that improve their well being, both in mind and in body. They are interested in learning about mainstream medicine, alternative therapies and preventive strategies so they will have the information to make the right decisions based on their own lifestyle and health.

*****************Fast Facts*******************
Average Age.................................73
Average Income.........................$92,283
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