2,035,183Total Universe $100.00/M
494,5301 Mo Transaction Data MOB $12.00/M
786,9603 MO Transaction Data MOB $12.00/M
1,105,8196 Mo Transaction Data MOB $12.00/M
1,472,63512Mo Transaction Data MOB $12.00/M
FINGERHUT's former buyers have been enhanced with recent transactional data that includes a variety of age, income, donor, lifestyle, and purchase data. These former Fingerhut buyers have been updated and reactivated with a quality transactional data match.

The unique combination of credit and merchandise purchases makes FINGERHUT the best source of responsive names available on the market today.

Can select by MOB Category at $12.00/M extra:
408,283Home Furnishing MOB
252,901Female Apparel MOB
210,129Health MOB
144,121Low Ticket Gift MOB
184,636Collectible MOB
106,528Childrens MOB
92,747Pet Product MOB
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Sheryl Benjamin;
To place an order, contact:
Nancy Arbuco;