12,309,474Active Members $110.00/M
No Upfront Modeling Fee
Scoring Fee+$ 35.00/M
Non-Children's Catalog $ 85.00/M
Fundraising Rate $ 75.00/M
Mom365 Custom Modeling is available for the purpose of statistical modeling in order to improve response on marginal segments and open a new universe of names for top mailers.

Mom365 offers two types of modeling:  Good Customer Match and Mailed Regression.        
The Good Customer Match model identifies members on the Mom365 file that have similar characteristics to your customers.  The
model is built by taking a sample from your    
customer file and analyzing it against the    
enhanced characteristics on Mom365's          
house file.  Sophisticated segmentation techniques are used to reach improved response rates.

The Mailed Regression model involves mailing a specific quantity of Mom365's members considerable enough to provide a minimum of 1,000 responses. The responders are then analyzed against Mom365's data to build the mailed regression model.              

When the model build is complete, a report with
the model's results will be issued and sent to  
the broker/mailer for market research purposes  
and selection decisions.                        

$2,000/F cancellation fee for models not used  
within 12 months.
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