37,050Actives/Trials/Expires $110.00/M
1,205Actives $350.00/F
5,271Actives/Recent Expires $150.00/M
Non-Financial Rate $ 85.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $ 75.00/M
Mid - Small Cap Investment Newsletter

BI Research is a 12-page investment newsletter that emphasizes mid to smaller cap stocks and growth at a reasonable PE.  Each issue consists of a detailed recommendation, including projections and investment rationale.  This is followed by a market commentary section.  The remaining 9 pages of the newsletter are devoted to updating subscribers in detail on every stock BI Research has previously recommended until sale was advised.  In the past the Hulbert Financial Digest has ranked BI Research among the top investment newsletters in the country for its performance.

Many investment letters give you little more    
than the names of the stocks to buy and a boiler
plate description, often skipping the investment
rationale and even EPS projections, and then    
they rarely follow up on their recommendations  
regularly or in any detail.  BI Research was    
started in 1981 to fill that void and has been  
published continuously ever since.              

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