4,207,670Total File $110.00/M
4,960Dec'17 Hotline +$15.00/M
135,768Oct'17-Dec'17 Hotline +$10.00/M
147,012Prenatal +$25.00/M
2,950,333Postnatal +$15.00/M
Deals for Mommy brings the Internet's best buys, timely deals and Free Samples right to members' inboxes in a simple weekly email.

Members are on-the-go moms and decision-makers, balancing family, career and finances.  They are interested in not only children's products and child care, they are the perfect audience for entertainment, vacation and travel, credit cards, insurance, investments, publications,
and fashion and beauty offers.

 ****************Fast Facts******************  
 Average Age............................26-35
 Average Household Income.....$35,000-$40,000
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Carter's Inc
Epsilon Data Management, LLC.
Gerber Products Company
Zoo Consortium
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